Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Was Bored so i made my 2nd Wp-Theme.Yeah, second try .Again its not that good, it has the same errors issues cuz im still practicing. I kinda got brave and played around with php,its not that easy like html. I always had a problem on the body image. Can't make it like the way i wanted. Oooh well I’ve always wanted to create a theme with my pic on it and now I finally did it. I am just playing with it,changing the header for 3x til i came up with that style. I have just installed plugins and I am running into some problems now. The font in the sidebar is suddenly smaller as you can see.(im still workin on it) i even tried to fix my comment-plugger.php but same sh*t it didn't work:(.

So that's all for now. I seriously must give my tired eyes a rest:P

Pink Heart.

Friday, April 18, 2008

This morning while I was blog hopping ive seen this blogthing from sis krisel site. Actually i saw this yesterday but i dunno which blog, and when i tried to find it,i couldn't really remember. This blogthing explains ''What color heart do u have?'' they got diff quizzes there its up to you to choose. it might be true or not=D
Go ahead give it a try:).

Your Heart is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't.
Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time.

Your flirting style: Coy
Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park
Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant
What you bring to relationships: Romance

Im 80% real.

This morning while I was blog hopping ive seen this blogthing from sis krisel site. Actually i saw this yesterday but i dunno which blog, and when i tried to find it,i couldn't really remember. This blogthing explains ''How Real Are You?'' but still up to you if you want to believe,lol!
Go ahead give it a try:).

You Are 80% Real

You know who you are,

and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself.
Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself

that aren't so great...
But you're good at accepting who you are

and not dwelling on your faults.
As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real.

What's up with me now?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tomorrow im going back to the dentist to finish the work on my root canal. He is going to give me a filling, i will be glad to get the cotton out of my tooth and get back to normal. My tooth next to it is so sensitive due to a filling, everytime i drink cold water it shoots pain through my whole entire head, OA?haha. Doctor Leffler is a real nice doctor. he took his time and was very careful not to hurt me. I definitely recommend him to anyone needing a root canal in Kansas City area.

Also tomorrow my hubby and i will go to Heather's apartment to have dinner and hang out because she is trying to get out of her apartment so she put it on craigs list to get people get interested in renting it.

We are going to be her back up when people come by so she's not there by her self, we are her muscles. haha=D. Specially good is that she's a great cook and shes gonna fix us dinner. hehe!!

Weekends are too short.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekends is over. Another day of week,MONDAY..argg!! it sucked! Probably the worst moment of the week. My hubby has to work and i have to wake up early cuz he has to leave for work and i don't wanna be sleeping while he's gone. Im scared, i always think what if someones came and break in and im still sleeping. (oooh what will happen?), my hubby said i dont have to wake up and i am safe here hmm, i maybe just paranoid, i always think of crazy things. But anyways lets talk about the weekends.( Anu nga ba ngyari?) as usual shopping moment are on weekends. That was the day where you can really see the big smile on my face.haha!! These days i really dont feel to go out ( himala sabi nga nila!) well adict daw kasi aq sa shopping. I dunno peru wala talaga ako sa mood lumabas(saturday). gusto ko lang mag net maghapon,but then my hubby keeps bothering me, he said to quit dragging my ass around..he want us to go out & get some fresh air since the weather is nice.(haha..wala talaga ako sa mood duhh!!). He want us to go visit the ZOO, and take some pics but i refused it.YiKES i told him na pambata lang kaya yun.haha!(he said nah!) ahh basta ayoko talaga sa zoo.nyahaha! But of course lumabas din kmi peru sa ''MALL'' lang kami pumunta, I guess he knows nman na if san ko lang talaga gusto pumunta=D.haha!

We went first to Aerospostale, (store nah una koh laging pinupuntahan). Maybe b'cuz they always have my size which is ''XS'' and syempre laging mai sale, wala ako maxadong nagustuhan, halos puro printed shirt lang ata ung new this week. Anyhoo my hubby found some shirts that he likes, (i look em and they were cute.!)

I got a few snaps. see wat you think?( CLiCK iMAGE FOR A LARGE ViEW)

After that. Forever21 naman kami pumunta, i dont go to that store often,im not crazy bout their styles, & first thing they dont have the size i wear. i keep looking (wala nman ako nagustuhan). `till i found some cool shades,haha! tho i got a lot of shades, i still want to buy one. halos everyweek ata ako nagpupurchased ng shade,YAY!! ewan.hindi talaga ako mkpagcontrol wen it comes to shades i must be crazy bout it! i know naman kokontra nanaman hubby ko.=D hindi nga ako nagkamali,hehe.he always ask if how many shades i need.hindi koh naman daw lagie sinusuot,LOLZ! (whatever!!)

It's getting colder wen we finally get out from the store grrr..!! We start walking til we see the Hollister, i dont really wanna go there even hollister is my fave BRAND ever,i hate their price!!LOL! but he insisted. He saw a cute top that he wanted to see on me and of course when i put it on,it looks cool and sexy so i have to buy it even tho i hate spending that much for a top.

Too much for now..till here!!

My cousin's death.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Morning! I woke up really early today, it is only 7:30 in the morning. i am supposed to be sleeping but i keep waking up for some reason. Anyway I just found out that my cousin died. What a shock!

Lastnight before i go to bed i chatted to my sis in California, She told me that she got an offline message from my cousin in Phil. Saying that one my cousin on my mother's side died. I am so sad. Were not that close cuz he's younger than me, but he is my cousin, he had that heart problem since he was born. I think he is only 12 years old now ( im not sure tho) too young neh?. They're asking for some help, i wish i could help them. but what can i do?, we dont have that much money as of now:(. i want to help, and ill try. It's just really sad, cuz we haven't seen each other for like 4/5years And now it happened.

Computer thoughts

Friday, April 11, 2008

I get asked a lot about what is going on with computers and is it a good time to upgrade. As with most questions like that we nerds have to say, "It depends!!!!"

My personal view is that it is an excellent time to upgrade or change out your desktop computer if you have not done so in the past 2 years. Dual core Intel and AMD processors are great they are responsive and truly add a lot of zip to your computing experience. Make sure that the system board you purchase can take up to 8 GB of RAM. Memory is very cheap right now and you should buy 2 or 3 GB in your new PC. Hard drive technology with the SATA interface has become so affordable as well. Your machine can have a vast 160 to 500 GB drive for around $100 bill!

There are some slick things you can do with your new desktop as well. I really like to find a good board that supports RAID at the hardware level. I use this to take two SATA drives and then mirror them. You have one of the ultimate backups! You will actually be writing to both drives which gives you a copy of your programs and data in case of failure. Nice feature that usually is only used on a server.

What about a laptop? Unless you need the mobility or want the convenience of moving your pc from your bedroom to the kitchen counter then to the coffee table still kind of pricey. Sure you can get a cheapo Celeron or Sempron chip and granted those cpus have improved but still are slackers when you want to do more than one application at one time. The prices are low $399 to $499 with rebates but my money would go into a rocking desktop right now.

Vista? Ummm... I have been taking Vista off for people over the past year. It is horrid, simply a royal pain in the ass to work with. It fights you on the networks and can't print to anything. It takes forever to boot up as well. I have not looked at the SP 1 release yet but I trust it is much better.

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